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CIMS refund policy will be applicable at all locations where CIMS operations are present, and refund of any fee paid to CIMS will be considered under special circumstances case by case as follows:

Category 1:
CIMS will refund 100% the fee paid, where the request of refund must be made before commencement of the program or within 14 days of commencement of the program and where participant not attended any lectures.
  • CIMS discontinued the program for unavoidable circumstances.
  • CIMS decided not to commence the scheduled batch.
  • CIMS postponed and informed to the participants, where the participant not willing to wait till the program commences.
  • CIMS changed the class schedule for which the participant registered, and participant cannot attend the lectures.
Category 2:
Participants’ change the decision of continuing the program. Under this category participant will not be able to receive full refund, amount of refund will be decided by the Board of Management. Minimum of LKR 10,000 will be deducted from the payment made as the processing charge. Refund under this category is acceptable only if such request is made in writing, prior to the scheduled commencement of the program. Evidence will be required to support the refund.
  • Participant decided to migrate overseas.
  • Participant facing unforeseen financial crisis.
  • Participants’ job schedule is clashing with program schedule
Category 3:
Medical Reasons. participant decided to refund, refund will be possible with enough evidence as follows and the refund amount will be determined by the Board of Management of CIMS.
  • Participant is unable to continue the course due to personal medical reasons of a serious nature, or due to medical reasons of a serious nature of the supporting guardian / parent.
  • Death of the participant or the guardian / parent.
Important Notes:
  • Any payment made to external awarding bodies / Universities / Higher Educational Institutions cannot be refunded, as this is beyond the CIMS.
Refund Procedure
  • A request for a refund of programme fees must be submitted in writing (please use the Refund Request form) by the student and / or the guardian wishing to obtain the refund.
  • A refund will be granted according to the categories listed above in the refund policy of CIMS. Any request that is not listed above will be referred to the Board of Management for its consideration and the final decision will be taken by them.
  • Refunds (if any) will be made within four to eight weeks upon receiving a completed refund application.
  • Refund payments will be made only in Sri Lankan Rupees (LKR)
  • Refund payments will be made by cheque and will be made out in the name of the registered student or the relevant guardian. Payments will not be released to third parties.
Submit your refund request to:
Head of Program Operations
CIMS Campus,
Lake Crescent,
Cotta Road,