Associate Diploma in Computer Network Adminstration

Programme Overview
The Diploma in Computer Systems Engineering Programme is awarded by CIMS Campus is a high demanding and job oriented program. The Programme prepares students to become an IT Executive specialized in Computer hardware technology or Networking.  Also, the program provides students with team work approach, professional skills and effective communication skills and improves students’ use of written and spoken English.

Entry Requirements
Passes at GCE (Ordinary Level) Examination or any other recognized by Advisory Board of Academic Affairs of CIMS Campus




Course Duration:
The Diploma in Computer Systems Engineering Programme is a 07-month programme comprising two terms of study.   Each Term consist of 12 Weeks of course and practical work and 2 weeks  of examination and project submission

Course Contents

Term I – Compulsory

Introduction to Computer Technology
Operating Systems
Basics of Computer Systems Engineering
Software Installation



Term II – Specialization – Hardware Engineering
Computer Assembling
Trouble Shooting
Business Aspects of Computer Sales and Maintenance
Placement Training

Term II – Specialization – Network Engineering
Computer Networking
Servers and Clients handling
Trouble Shooting
Placement Training